gay + aromantic
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genshin, bungo stray dogs, identity v, death note, nijisanji, hsrdsmp fans/stans, basic dni criteria, cringe, over 20 (if weird..)
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i make kys/kms jokes, i sometimes need tonetags, so please take note!! I have jealousy issues so if you show me chats from other people i will get a bit jealous. . .
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weird, makes jokes about traumas, racist, homophobic (if /srs), kpop antis, ships zhongven, kaeluc, xiao x zhongli, likes incest…

Identity V, Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, Bungo Tales !!

Bad Omens, CAS, Matt Maltese, ICP, Luxiem, K-Pop (/gen) and more!!

Arsène, Izu, Vincent, Cas, Dad, Zai, Luka, Yecenia, Daz, Yuki, Olo, Junii, Kyu, Nimmy, Snivee, Zayn, Val etc.. i have a lot of pookies :,(

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